Kim & Kyle

December 11, 2023
The Fives Beach
Riviera Maya, Mexico


December 11, 2023
The Fives Beach
Riviera Maya, Mexico
We know there are many online places to book a room. However, the couple is really counting on you to book here, on their website, so you are part of their room block. They are planning an incredible experience for you which requires your room reservation. Ensure you are part of the group by booking into their room block here.
Please know that many resorts require guest rooms to be booked within the couple’s room block. The hotels usually charge a minimum of $100 per person to attend the wedding events if you do not book one of the rooms the couple is holding. To avoid extra fees, please make sure to book here.


Book By

As a courtesy to the couple, please book your room by making your room deposit before June 30, 2023. This lets the couple know who is attending so they can plan their wedding events for the correct number of guests. Missed the deadline? That’s ok, it happens. Please still book your room here and we will work on confirming for the room for you. Inventory and group rates will be subject to availability.


The deposit for the room is $200 per room, plus the cost of Cancel Insurance if accepted.

Final Payments

All rooms must be paid in full by September 14, 2023. There is a $50 late payment penalty applied to reservations that are not paid in full by this date. If the reservation is not paid in full within 7 days of the final payment date, the reservation will automatically cancel and all payments will be forfeited.

Dates, Rates & Availability

We are holding a set number of rooms, categories and rates for December 8 - 14, 2023. You may request to stay before and after these dates, but we will need extra time to request availability and rates with the hotel before we can confirm your room. Because our room block inventory is limited and guests are booking at different times, we cannot guarantee availability of rooms or rates, and we cannot be held responsible should rooms sell out or rates increase. We do our best to ensure that we have a variety of room options for you to choose from, but booking early will help! As the saying goes… first come, first served!
There is a 3-night minimum stay for all guests.


We understand that you may need to modify your reservation after your room is booked. For this reason, there is no fee for the first revision on a room as long as it is completed prior to the final payment date. Any additional revisions, and revisions after the final payment date, will incur a $50 revision fee. Revision fees are non-refundable, even if you have insurance, and must be paid at the time of the revision. Revisions are subject to current resort availability and rates. Per the Refund Policy, deposits and payments made towards your trip are non-refundable.

Revisions may include a:
  1. change of travel dates – all rooms must still be traveling to the wedding resort over the wedding date
  2. change of room occupancy (adding a guest) – additional guests must be added at least 45 days prior to travel
  3. change of room occupancy (cancel a guest) – guest cancellations depend on if Cancel Insurance was accepted or declined
  4. change of guest (cancel a guest/add a guest) – at least one original guest must remain in the room to avoid being considered a room cancellation, guest cancellations depend on if Cancel Insurance was accepted or declined
  5. change of room category – rooms are subject to current availability and rates

Please note: the room block closes 45 days before travel. Revisions are not allowed after the room block is closed. Please reach out to your group manager for more details regarding the specific revision you need to make.


Per the Refund Policy, deposits and payments made towards your trip are non-refundable for any reason.
Romance Travel Group cannot be held responsible for the decisions of the Couple should they choose to cancel or reschedule their wedding group room block. If the Couple cancels or reschedules their wedding, all rooms booked will be subject to the terms of the cancellation or reschedule. Cancellation or reschedule changes may include, but are not limited to, changes to travel dates, destination, resort, room category availability, rate increases, cancellation policies, and payment deadlines. Changes to the group made by the Couple do not change the Refund Policy. To protect your travel investment, we highly recommend purchasing an insurance policy.

Cancel Insurance

By purchasing Cancel Insurance, you are protecting your vacation investment. If needed, you can cancel up to the day before departure for any reason. Simply call us or the number in your travel documents at any time prior to the day of departure to confirm your cancellation and receive a complete refund, minus the cost of the insurance. There are no refunds when Cancel Insurance is declined. Once the Cancel Insurance policy is purchased, it cannot be canceled, refunded or transferred. For guests sharing a room, if one person in the room accepts insurance, everyone else in the room must also have insurance. Cancel Insurance is only available at the time of deposit and covers your room reservation only. If you decline Cancel Insurance when making your initial reservation, you will not be able to add it later. If you prefer a more comprehensive insurance policy, please purchase a policy from a third-party provider such as Travel Guard or Allianz.
New rooms booked after the final payment date are not eligible for Cancel Insurance.
Cancel Insurance is $150 per person.


A US valid passport book is required for all travelers, regardless of age. Many countries require passports to be valid for at least 6 months after you return home. For more information regarding passports and entry requirements, please visit www.Travel.State.Gov. Rooms and rates are valid for United States passports holders only. We are unable to make room reservations for non-US passport holders.


When you book your flights, be sure you fly into the Cancun airport, code CUN.


Flights are not included with our room block. Usually the best time to book a flight is 5-6 months prior to travel when all airlines have their schedules available. We recommend using Google Flights to research fares or set up fare alerts, but then book directly with the airline you're flying with. Fares are the same everywhere, but you'll get much better service working with the airline instead of sites like Orbitz or Expedia. Remember to also check as their flights only show up on their own website.

Airport Transfers

Roundtrip airport transfers (the ride between the airport and resort) are a service included with your room reservation. To confirm this service for you, we will be sending you emails so you can submit your flight itinerary via the Flight Link. Your flight itinerary must be submitted via the Flight Link by October 27, 2023 to confirm airport transfers for you. If we do not have your flight itinerary by this date, you will need to arrange and pay for your own transfers. There are no refunds for unused transfers.
The transfers included will pick you up at the airport on the day we have you checking in at the resort and bring you back to the airport on the day we have you checking out.

Cancun Tourist Tax

Starting April 1, 2021, all travelers departing from Cancun will be required to pay a Tourist Tax. This tax is not part of your room or flight reservation totals. The tax is approximately $10-$11 US per person (varies by the exchange rate) and must be paid by everyone 16 years and older. The payment can be made using the site linked below, or at the airport when you depart Cancun. To complete the form, pay the tax and print your receipt/save your QR code, please visit

Room Categories & Bedding

We are holding a limited number of rooms in each of the categories listed below. Please request the room and dates you’d like. If for any reason we are unable to confirm your room request, we will contact you to discuss available options. If there is a specific room category not listed that you’d like to request, please let us know so we can check availability and pricing.
Bedding refers to the bed configuration in the room, like one king or two doubles. Specific bedding requests can be made to the resort on your behalf, but these requests are not guaranteed. Most resorts do not sell rooms with specific bed configurations unless noted in the room category name. For example, if you see a “Junior Suite King” category, this means the room is guaranteed to have one king bed. A “Junior Suite” could have one king or two doubles because the name does not specify bedding. Likewise, if you do not see a triple rate listed for the room you’d like, we cannot book three adults in that room. If you have questions about bedding configurations and options, please reach out to us so we can help.

Room Pricing

Dear Wedding Guests,

While our group booking window has closed, we still want to help with your room reservation. We are no longer holding rooms or group rates, but if you can provide us with the details of your desired reservation, we will work with our partners to try to secure a room and rates for you. Please complete the quote form below so we can check availability and rates. We'll reply via email with a custom quote based on the options that are available.


At Your Service

Your Romance Travel Group Team

Your dedicated Group Manager is:
Shannon Jacobson

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